Nubrado Database-as-a-Service

Next generation database infrastructure management
for Private and Hybrid Clouds

Cost and risk can increase exponentially with scale. Nubrado combines AI, capacity modeling and orchestration pipelines to manage consolidation costs and risks at extreme scale.

Problem Opportunity
Legacy database landscapes are expensive to manage because they are highly customized.
Infrastructure costs can be reduced through consolidation and standardization.
The typical database consolidation capacity and license planning approach is to aggregate CPU, memory, and storage resource requirements. This often fails to account for enterprise database patterns and policies. An incorrect capacity estimation can increase costs and risk.
Automated capacity modeling and policy-aware placement can lower costs and risk.
Manual operations lead to human errors and project delays.
Automated pipelines eliminate human errors and project delays.

Nubrado offers

Scalable Demand Management
  • Service Catalog
  • Enterprise Policy Management
  • Demand Group Management
Automated Consolidation Pipeline
  • Infrastructure Capacity and License Modeling
  • Policy-aware Placement Engine
  • Autonomous Deployment Pipeline
Automated Operation Pipeline
  • Bulk Group Actions
  • Manage by Exception
  • Operations Analytics
  • Consolidated Infrastructure - Reduce infrastructure costs by 50% and decommission 90% of bare-metal servers
  • Operational Efficiency - Automate 90% of infrastructure DBA actions
  • Faster Migration - Migrate to cloud model 7X faster
Watch this video to learn how Nubrado can help your organization with:
  • Migration Inventory Assessment
  • Isolation Policy Management
  • Capacity Allocation Policy Management
  • Consolidation Analysis
  • Migration Planning

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